Freiburg AI Meetup

Towards Automated Deep Learning

Der Grünhof unterstützt das erste Freiburger AI Meetup! Worum geht's? " is a non-profit meeting point for people that are interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to provide opportunities for exchanging knowledge, networking and connecting with industrial partners in the Freiburg area. Our main activity is the organization of monthly meetups. Each meetup is started by a keynote lecture before diving into an open discussion. The events are managed over our meetup page. Please register (for free) and follow the group to receive information about the latest events. AI enthusiasts with all backgrounds and knowledge levels are welcome to participate. On this page, you will find material (abstracts/video recordings) of previous events. Please feel free to contact us, if you have a suggestion for a keynote speaker or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor."
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