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Devsmeetup – Autocrypt: Email-encryption for everyone!

Email has been declared dead many times but refuses to die. It remains the largest open federated identity and messaging system, anchors the web and mobile phones and continues to relay sensitive information between citizens and organisations. However, bringing pervasive end-to-end encryption to this infrastructure has failed so far.

Autocrypt is a fresh approach which aims to establish cross-mail-program standards for encryption, using in-band key transfer. It is driven by developers from several mail programs and researchers who convened in December 2016 and decided to go for the joined “Autocrypt” approach.

Holger is involved in organizing the Autocrypt efforts and introduces in this devsmeetup session Autocrypt features and what is planned to get going in Spring 2017: e-mail encryption for everyone! 🙂

Speaker: Holger Krekel

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Devsmeetup – Autocrypt: Email-encryption for everyone!